Work in progress shown at Ufer Studios

No other city grabs Saeed Hani like Berlin. Berlin lets him be who he is, he can enjoy his freedom - unlike in the Middle East, where the choreographer grew up until he was 26 and was confronted not only with many spatial limitations but also with many intellectual and moral limitations. That's why the choreographer worked on his new piece INLET right here, during the last four weeks at the Uferstudios, as part of the residency with the Culture lx Arts Council Luxembourg. The performance is about walls - those made of barbed wire as well as those that exist in people's minds. And with INLET Saeed Hani wants to show that it is necessary to break through these walls. The piece breaks down fears of contact by creating a very sensual approach to the subject and at the same time generates strong images that let Hani's source of inspiration - the visual arts - shine through. Together with Nikita Goile, Tyler Galster and Michele Scappa, he will give first insights into INLET tomorrow, September 2, starting at 6.00 pm in Studio 12. More info here: https://bit.ly/3Rjbb4M