HANI DANCE is a Luxembourgish-German Movement Art company that was founded in 2016 in Germany and moved to Luxembourg City in 2021. Hani Dance loves to work with international dancers from all over the world to combine different cultural perspectives and beliefs through sharing intercultural ideas in order to create organic and innovative dance pieces. Artistic director Saeed Hani essentially explores concepts such as power, dynamism, spirit, and mind using tools such as nude art, contemporary dance, and visual art.
The first project, “ONE NIGHT STAND” (2016) in Germany in cooperation with the association menschMITmensch e.V. with international dancers from Syria, Belgium, Portugal, and Brazil. “ONE NIGHT STAND”  was also performed at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland (2018)
Followed by ”DEM MENSCHEN EIN WOLF" (2018) in Germany with six dancers from Germany, Spain, Italy, and Syria.
The company’s 3rd project “DARK BIRD” was created at the “Hong Kong International Choreography Festival” (2019) with Hongkongers dancers.
Its 4th project, “THE BLIND NARCISSIST” (2020) premiered in Germany at Messehalle Trier with 2 dancers from Germany and Australia and was performed in 2022 at the "HORS CIRCUIT" program at Trois C-L, Luxembourg City, at "TUFA THEATRE" Trier, Germany, “DANZA IN RETE FESTIVAL" Vicenza, Italy, ”EAST POINT WEST FESTIVAL” San Luis Potosi, Mexico, "INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL OF MEXICO CITY” in Mexico and "CHANGMU INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVA” in Seoul, South Korea “THE BLIND NARCISSIST” is programmed at the international performing arts season Differenti Sensazioni 2022/23 at officine CAOS - Turin (IT).
Hani Dance 5th project “OUT OF RANGE” was in collaboration with the Italian-Luxembourgish choreographer Giovanni Zazzera at the Mierscher Kulturhaus in Mersch, Luxembourg (2021) and at Arena Trier, Germany (2021) with dancers from Australia, Japan, Italy, France, and Spain.
The 6th project “WIND IN THE OLIVE GROVE” was created in New York City (2022) and commissioned by the American Company Battery Dance for the project Hofmann Dances which is being funded by The Renate, Hans, and Maria Hofmann Trust. The piece toured in Bethlehem (Israel), Houston (USA), the 41st Annual BATTERY DANCE Festival, New York City, USA, the Metropol Theater, Bremen, Germany, and National Dance Institute, New York, USA.
Hani Dance’s latest project is "INLET" (2022) Berlin, Luxembourg, and Trier with dancers from Italy and France. INLET is programmed at the "HORS CIRCUIT" program at Trois C-L, Luxembourg City, and  Oaxaca City International Choreography Festival / Mexico / November 2023.
The upcoming project is "KHAOS" (2023) with three stages in Geneva, (Switzerland), Mersch (Luxembourg), and Trier (Germany).


Hani Dance's main goal is to become a home for international, creative, and artistic freelancers of all kinds – not only to stage shows but to make a stand against discrimination and superficiality. 

Upcoming shows 




June 9-11

Trier, Germany