Hani Dance-Movement Art is based in Luxembourg City and Trier (Germany). Our artistic approach goes beyond traditional boundaries and is rooted in the belief that movement art is a versatile medium that can reach into the depths of human history. We are inspired by various sources such as objects, painting, photography, environmental music, visual art and human stories and seamlessly integrate these elements to create moving images that deeply touch the viewer.

Each image we create is multi-layered and invites viewers to engage with their own experiences. Saeed Hani, the artistic director of Hani Dance, is passionate about staging movement by placing dancers in specific environments and mindsets and observing how their bodies translate these elements into movement. 


With Hani Dance's work, we aim to stimulate the audience's imagination and encourage them to explore and reflect on the intricacies of the human condition in a visually stunning way. Themes such as ego, war, the Middle East conflict, LGBTQ+, walls and human psychology, together with nudity, provide fertile ground for Saeed Hani's artistic exploration.

In the vulnerability of nudity, Hani finds a deep connection to the essence of humanity - a timeless dance interwoven with our shared history. It transcends the mere freedom of clothing and authentically embodies strength, love, kindness and tenderness. 


Saeed Hani: Coming from an Aramean family in Syria, our pre-Christian deity was Ishtar, a naked woman on a lion with eagle wings, symbolising power, purity, beauty, fertility, sexuality and love. In our culture, the body was once revered as sacred and divine. With the advent of Christianity, however, the body became veiled and associated with shame and nudity - a change in human history that is worth exploring. For me, nude art is a means of challenging social norms and celebrating authenticity. As a queer Syrian artist, the inclusion of nudity is a powerful act of liberation and self-expression that revives our age-old reverence for the human form.