HANI DANCE is a contemporary dance company under the direction of the Syrian choreographer and dancer Saeed Hani.


Saeed Hani  loves to combine different cultural perspectives and basically believes in the process of  sharing intercultural ideas and viewpoints to be able to create an organic new piece of dance. In the continual search of a new body language and a new way to move the human body the essentials are power, dynamism, spirit and mind. With listening to the outer and inner rhythm of our bodies and lives, we are able to set the stage on fire.


HANI DANCE was founded in 2016.

The first project was "ONE NIGHT STAND" with dancers from Syria, Belgium, Portugal and Brazil. At the moment we are at the beginning of the planning phase for our second project "DEM MENSCHEN EIN WOLF". Beyond that our goal is to become a home for international creative artists of all kinds - not only to stage a show but to make a stand against inhumanity and superficiality.


Photos from "Dem Menschen ein Wolf": Elke Schmitt_&_Eva Krings