Hani Dance, an innovative movement art company, was born in Germany in 2016 and has since found its home in Luxembourg City. Led by visionary Saeed Hani, a Syrian-German choreographer and director of Hani Dance-Movement Art.Saeed‘s artistic approach transcends traditional boundaries, rooted in the belief that movement art is a versatile medium capable of delving into the depths of human history. Drawing inspiration from various sources such as objects, painting, photography, environmental music, visual art, and human stories, he seamlessly integrate these elements to create moving images that resonate deeply with viewers.


Each image Saeed craft is layered with meaning, inviting the audience to connect based on their own experiences. He enjoys orchestrating movement by situating dancers within specific environments and mindsets, observing how their bodies translate these elements into motion. It's crucial for Hani Dance‘s artists to understand that they are not merely part of an image, but its essence. Through his work, Saeed aims to ignite the audience's imagination, encouraging exploration and reflection on the intricacies of the human condition in a visually impactful manner. Themes such as spirit, power, war, walls, and the psychology of man, along with nudity, serve as rich ground for his artistic exploration.


In the vulnerability of nudity, he finds a profound connection to the essence of humanity—a timeless dance intertwined with our shared history. It transcends mere freedom from cloth, embodying strength, love, kindness, and tenderness authentically. Coming from an Aramaic family in Syria, their pre-Christian deity was Ishtar, a naked woman on a lion with eagle wings, symbolizing power, purity, beauty, fertility, sexuality, and love. his cultural perspective once revered the body as sacred and divine. However, with the advent of Christianity, the covering of bodies and the association of shame with nudity emerged—a shift in human history worth examining.

For Saeed, nude art is a means of defying societal norms and celebrating authenticity. As a queer Syrian artist, the inclusion of nudity represents a potent act of liberation and self-expression, reclaiming our ancient reverence for the human form.