Hani Dance, an innovative movement art company, originated in Germany in 2016 and has since found its home in Luxembourg City. Guided by the visionary Saeed Hani, the company has emerged as a dynamic force within the international dance sphere, celebrated for seamlessly uniting talent, cultural diversity, and artistic excellence. 


Central to Hani Dance’s triumph is their commitment to collaboration, actively involving gifted dancers from around the globe to craft enthralling performances that transcend boundaries. Drawing inspiration from power, dynamism, spirit, and mind, Saeed Hani masterfully intertwines these concepts to create captivating displays of contemporary dance, nude art, and visual art. 

The journey of Hani Dance commenced with their inaugural project, “ONE NIGHT STAND,” in 2016, which garnered attention in Germany and earned recognition at the prestigious Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland in 2018. 


Expanding on this success, Hani Dance presented their second project, “DEM MENSCHEN EIN WOLF,” in 2018 in Germany. The pinnacle of their international acclaim, “DARK BIRD,” made its debut at the “Hong Kong International Choreography Festival” in 2019, further solidifying their impact on the dance world. 


Notably, their fourth project, “THE BLIND NARCISSIST,” in 2020, premiered in Germany, Trier, and proudly became part of Luxembourg City’s esteemed “HORS CIRCUIT” program at Trois C-L in 2022. Hani Dance has spellbound audiences on prestigious stages worldwide, from the TUFA Theater in Trier, Germany, to the Danza in Rete Festival in Vicenza, Italy, and the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City. Their performances have consistently garnered acclaim, leaving an enduring impression at esteemed venues and events, including the “CHANGMU INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL” at Arko Arts Grand Theater in Seoul, South Korea, “DIFFERENTI SENSAZIONI” at Officine CAOS in Turin, Italy, Divadlo XIO - Month of Francophonie 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic, Luxembourg Pride at the Kulturfabrik Cultural Centre, and numerous others on the horizon. 


A notable collaboration emerged with Italian-Luxembourgian choreographer Giovanni Zazzera for the mesmerizing piece “OUT OF RANGE,” gracing the stages of Mierscher Kulturhaus in Mersch, Luxembourg, and Arena Trier in Germany in 2021. 

Another remarkable project, “WIND IN THE OLIVE GROVE,” was commissioned by Battery Dance in New York City, enthralling audiences in prestigious venues worldwide. In 2022, Saeed Hani was commissioned to create his evocative short piece “Wind in the Olive Grove” for the Battery Dance Company season in New York City. The piece premiered at Schimmel Center, New York City, USA, on the 19th and 20th of May 2022, embarking on a tour that traversed Palestine, Israel, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, USA, and culminating at the 41st Annual BATTERY DANCE Festival in New York City, USA, in 2023. The piece also graced the stages of Metropol Theater in Bremen, Germany, the National Dance Institute in New York, USA, and Volkspark in Halle Saale, Germany. 


As Hani Dance continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, their seventh project, “INLET,” underwent an intensive research phase in Berlin and was brought to life in Trier, Germany. This remarkable piece has already captured attention at Trois C-L’s distinguished “HORS CIRCUIT” program and the Contemporary Dance International Festival Lila López in Mexico, with performances held at the Mariano Matamoros Theatre in Morelia, Mexico, and the Conjunto Santander de Artes Escénicas in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Elevating their artistic pursuits further, Hani Dance’s latest masterpiece, “KHAOS” (2023), embarked on an awe-inspiring research journey at the Grand Theater Geneva in Switzerland. The highly anticipated premiere unfolded at Mierscher Kulturhaus in Luxembourg, followed by captivating performances at Messepark Trier in Germany. 

Saeed Hani 


This world is not the place I wanted it to be. A world that I was brought to without being asked. A world of war, greed, lies, corrupt governments, human arrogance, a world ruled by skin color and the language you speak. A world in which mercy is worn like a fashion people uses to look elegant. To escape this painful reality I created my own world, a place in which I could live. A sanctuary filled with my own theatre play, painting, images, choreography, environment, and landscapes. My artwork is the only safe refuge I had for years.