The Blind Narcissist at the at the Differenti Sensazioni Festival
Performances  · March 01, 2023
Sold out performance at Officine CAOS Theatre in Torino, Italy
"The Blind Narcissist" as part of the "Differenti Sensazioni" festival at Officine CAOS, Torino, Italy
Performances  · January 23, 2023
Performance on February 24th and workshop by Saeed Hani on February 25th

"Wind in the Olive Grove" in Bremen, Germany, as part of the "Dancing for Trust" project
Performances  · October 27, 2022
The Battery Dance Company (USA) brings Saeed Hani's piece back on stage in October.
Amazing show! THE BLIND NARCISSIST at Changmu International Performing Arts Festival.
Performances  · August 21, 2022
Performance in front of a 300-strong wonderful Korean audience on 20th of August at the Arko Art Theater in Seoul with the support of Kultur | lx.

"Wind in the Olive Grove" at the Battery Dance Festival in New York
Performances  · August 17, 2022
The performance will take place at the Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park on August 19th at 7pm.
The Blind Narcissist at the 28th ChangMu International Performing Arts Festival in Seoul
Performances  · July 05, 2022
"The Blind Narcissist" will perform at the ARKO Art Grand Theater as part of the 28th ChangMu International Performing Arts Festival in Seoul, South Korea. The performance will take place on the 20th of August, 2022.

"Wind in the Olive Grove" with Dancing to Connect at Zilkha Hall, Houston, USA.
Performances  · July 01, 2022
"Wind in the Olive Grove" will be shown at Zilkha Hall, Houston, USA on July 16th 2022.
"The Blind Narcissist" at the Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México
Performances  · June 22, 2022
"The Blind Narcissist" will be presented at the International Contemporary Dance Festival of México City in August 2022

“Wind in the Olive Grove” will be performed at Bethlehem Convention Place on July 7th with the Battery Dance Company
Performances  · June 16, 2022
Saeed developed "The Wind in the Olive Grove" in April 2022 at the Battery Dance Company in New York. The piece will be performed in Bethlehem (West Bank) together with American and Palestinian dancers on July 7th 2022.
Premiere of "Wind in the Olive Grove " at Schimmel Center, NYC
Performances  · May 21, 2022
Amazing premiere night of "The Wind in the Oliver Grove", as part of Hofmann Dances at Schimmel Center, NYC.

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