"KHAOS" at Mierscher Theater as Part of "Movement Art International Dance Festival" in Trier Germany & Mersch, Luxembourg.

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Join us on 28 September 2024 20:00 at the Mierscher Theater. 

"KHAOS" is a multidisciplinary artistic creation that explores the nature of chaos and its deep connection to human existence. Inspired by Greek mythology, in particular the goddess Khaos, the performance fuses contemporary dance, physical theatre, visual art and nude art to create a captivating tapestry. The interaction of abstract art elements, scenography and the dancers' movements creates a sensory chaos that evokes a range of feelings and thoughts in the audience. The constant struggle portrayed on stage reflects the dichotomies that characterise our lives and invites the audience to embrace their own inner chaos. Nude art plays a central role, defying social conventions and celebrating authenticity. For the artist, a Syrian homosexual, the inclusion of nudity becomes a powerful act of liberation and self-expression. KHAOS takes the viewer on a transformative journey, challenging them to confront chaos as an integral part of existence and to discover the beauty that emerges from the delicate interplay between order and disorder.  

Duration: Approximately 68 minutes.



Conceived by: Saeed Hani 

Dancers: Esther Moreno Suarez, Gabriel Lawton, Ileana Orofino,

Kenji Shinohe, Hector Ferrer, Ana Fernández Melero, Alberto Chianello

Scenography & Visual Art: Saeed Hani.

Light Designer: Marc Thein.

Music: Jakob Schumo.

Costume Design: Christian Brand / Objekt.

Stage Construction: Julian Poma.

Video Production: Blackgate Media.

Production Management: Oliver Moeller.

Production: Mierscher Theater, Hani Dance & menschMITmensch e.V.


Tickets: coming soon