HANI DANCE at the Tipperary Dance Festival with "ROOTS"

In this short piece Saeed present the impact of body shapes, skin and lines on our emotions, thoughts and memories, and the confusion that can be created thereby. The research will be based on the lines and shapes of several abstract paintings translated to movements. Saeed worked with three graduates from the dance program at University of Limerick this summer via online encounters, and a residency prior to the October premiere of Root.


This project is part of the Tipperary Dance International Exchange Programme, in this case a collaboration between Tipperary Dance and Trois C-L (Lux).



Choreographer: Saeed Hani

Dancers: Anja Nicholson, Amberlee Toumanguelov, Hannah Scully


Supported by Tipperary Dance, Trois C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Tigh Roy Ionad Cultúrtha