One Night Stand (2016)

Foto: David Schmitz
Foto: David Schmitz

In "One Night Stand" I focus on the different perceptions of sexuality in Arabic and European societies. Since I was born and raised in a society affected by traditional and conservative sexual morals myself I want to through a light on issues like natural lust, desire, idealized virginity, chastity, double standards, body perception and sexual stereotyping but also promote mutual understanding. In this context the topic of homosexuality is a matter of my particular concern because same-sex love is still prosecuted with draconian punishment in the Arabic countries.

Dancers: Baptiste Hilbert (Belgium), Ranim Al Malat (Syria), Niel Medeiros (Brazil), Maher Abdul Moaty (Syria), Catarina Barbosa (Portugal), Saeed Hani (Syria) / Choreography: Saeed Hani / A production of menschMITmensch e.V.

Photos by Marius Bickovas

Photos by David Schmitz