Premiere of "INLET" in Trier

Walls have always played an important role in human history - both those made of stone and barbed wire and those in people's minds. They serve as borders, fortresses and places of refuge. They keep invaders out or their own people in.

Saeed Hani got the impulse for the piece while reading the founding legend of Rome, in which a wall plays a decisive role. Romolus kills his brother Remus in an argument when he jumps over the newly built city wall, which is considered sacred, smirking. Based on the question "Does a violent beginning inevitably lead to a violent end?", Saeed hani began to deal with walls and their meaning for humanity and for himself.

“I grew up in the Middle East until I was 26, where I faced not only physical limitations but many moral and intellectual limitations as well. That's why I've always asked myself why the world propagates walls and borders as problem solvers and saviours, even though they prevent human progress and deprive people of the right to a free, self-determined life," says Saeed Hani.


Choreography: Saeed Hani

Dancers: Nikita Goile, Michele Scappa, Francesco Ferrari

Costume Design: Carolin Schäfer

Light Design: Marc Thein

Stage Design: Saeed Hani

Music: Jakob Schumo

Trailer: Blackgate Media

Photo: Andrea Galad


INLET is part of the official program of the exhibition "The fall of the Roman empire".


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