"INLET" at the Mariano Matamoros Theatre, Morelia, Mexico

We're thrilled to announce that "INLET" will grace the stage at the Mariano Matamoros Theatre in Morelia, Mexico on 21.07.2023. Prepare to be captivated by a mesmerizing fusion of artistry and movement. Special thanks to Kultur LX and the Geothe Institute for their invaluable support. Join us for an enchanting evening you won't want to miss!


Saeed Hani, a choreographer, and his international dance ensemble in their performance “Inlet” explore the multifaceted role of walls and borders in human history and contemporary society. Reflecting on personal experiences growing up in the Middle East, Hani questions the glorification of walls and borders, pondering their hindrance to human progress and the right to a free life. Drawing inspiration from the legend of Rome’s founding, where a wall marks a violent beginning, Hani delves into the deeper implications of these barriers. Through his performances, Hani transcends mere dance, aiming to evoke a profound portrayal of human experiences, often employing nudity to offer a pure and unadulterated expression. Preferring to label his work as “Movement Art”, Hani aims to exceed the confines of traditional contemporary dance. “Inlet” seeks to convey not only physical and metaphorical barriers but also a longing for a world devoid of divisions, resonating with Hani’s personal quest for a unified, peaceful coexistence among humanity.



Choreography: Saeed Hani

Dancers: Anna F. Melero, Michele Scappa, Hector Ferrer

Costume Design: Carolin Schäfer

Light Design: Marc Thein

Stage Design: Saeed Hani

Music: Jakob Schumo

Trailer: Blackgate Media

Photos INLET: Blackgate.media

Production: HANI DANCE


Duration: 55 min.