Wings of Wealth and Woe at Gerhart Hauptmann - Stadttheater Görlitz

We are excited to announce that Saeed Hani's upcoming creation, "Wings of Wealth and Woe", will be developed at Gerhart Hauptmann - Stadttheater Görlitz for the Theater Dance Company. The piece is set to premiere on March 1, 2025.


Wings of Wealth and Woe

In the movement art piece "Wings of Wealth and Woe", an intricate tapestry of Greek mythology and contemporary capitalism unfolds, inviting the audience on a thought-provoking journey through the collective entanglements of our existence.

In a metaphorical labyrinth that symbolises the intricate structures of our society, the dance becomes a dynamic exploration of the true property relations in our world. The dancers, who embody different socio-economic backgrounds, navigate through this labyrinth and become living embodiments of the constant struggle between poverty and wealth. Their movements emphasise the dichotomy between the temptations of material consumption and the intangible facets of happiness.



Choreographer : Saeed Hani 

Stadttheater Görlitz Dance Company

Music: Jakop Schumo

Costume design: Carolin Schäfer

Stage design: Saeed Hani